In this globalisation era, where the distance between producers and consumers are getting further, we are being separated from the hands who made our products. We are spoiled with convenience, low price and mass produce products which will not last long and aren’t biodegradable.

Handcrafted products become harder to compete with low price and mass produce products. As a result we often see the problem of people in the village left their livelihood and heritage to find jobs in urban cities. They often become the victims of human slavery because they lack of knowledge and skills.

The problem of mass producing products is always low quality. It is cheap! But have we ever thought about the impact for the environment? Yes! Stockpile waste that isn’t biodegradable. We are leaving a waste legacy for our next generation.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

That’s why Kayu & Co. was born because of these problems. We want to give opportunity for people in the village to develop their community instead of being victims in this emerging economy. We work together with the local artisans to give second life to wood and coconut that might end up in the landfill or are burnt in the power station. This approach helps us drastically in reducing the need for new wood logging by upcycling these high quality waste and turning them into new household products. Therefore, through this project, we hope that it can accelerate our effort in waste reduction, especially wood and plastics, starting from our home. We guarantee that our products will make your home look even more appealing.

Our products are handcrafted from the waste that we derived from nearby factories, therefore, the colour will not be the same and the imperfection mark makes it even more special. Due to the limited source of the waste, our products are made in a limited number. Plus it’s biodegradable, thanks to ZERO chemical!!

So, every time you buy a product you are upcycling a resource that would have otherwise been wasted. With your support, together we’re helping to sustain the livelihood of the rural craftspeople and fight the income inequality between urban and rural areas.

“To tell people they can’t grow is to tell them that they have to remain poor forever”, Thomas L. Friedman

We believe that we can put respect in people and planet throughout our business operation. From our local artisans directly to you – and back to their communities.

Let’s join our movement! #CommunitiesOverFactories