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Bali without Tourists

Will Bali ever be the same?

The Bali we know vs Bali now

The year was 2019 and Ngurah Rai International Airport was busy with visitors. The streets in Bali were vibrant and lively. It is hard to imagine that a mere year later, a global pandemic would turn this favourite holiday destination into a quiet little town. What’s happening there now that the international tourists can’t visit? 

Photo by Guillaume Meurice from Pexels

Fact is, the number of visitors in Bali has reduced by a whopping 99,99% from about 552,403 in December 2019 to only 22 people in August 2020 (source:https://www.kemenkeu.go.id/). Bali’s economy has taken an incredibly steep fall and the government notes that this is due to their high dependence on tourism. Perhaps when the pandemic is over, whenever that may be, Bali might get a huge wave of tourists and recover from the economic crisis quickly. 

However, what happens when the next virus attacks? What if something else happens that prevents tourists from visiting? If the question is “Will Bali ever be the same?”, perhaps we should see the pandemic as a sign that Bali should not be the way it was before. 

On the road to a sustainable village

Our creative artisan and craft producers from the village of Lodtunduh in Bali are among those who are impacted badly by the lack of visitors. Our partner shared the struggle they faced to be noticed in the island’s saturated market even before the pandemic. Nowadays, many of those local craftsmen are losing their source of income. And how could they continue creating if they can’t feed their family?

Kayu & Co. believes that there is a way for us, people in urban cities, to help them continue creating and innovating. If we could empower them and other villagers in need with the tools and energy they need to really compete, connect, and collaborate. It would lead to an explosion of innovation – from science and technology, to art and literature – the likes of which the world has never seen. 

Bringing them to the global stage is a clear solution for the villagers and for us, the people who care about Bali. The people of Lodtunduh have a lot to offer when it comes to craftsmanship. The passion they put into their art is reflected in the quality of the products. Through helping them adapt to the 21st century and ensuring an ethical process for every stakeholder, we believe that our partners in Lodtunduh could take a step forward into being a sustainable village. By buying our products, you could help them too! 

So, the next time you miss Bali, do something about it! Something as simple as spreading awareness of Bali’s beauty and culture over a meal…preferably one eaten from one of our signature wooden bowls. 🙂 Consider the hands that shaped that bowl and know that we will grow through this, together.




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