The Hidden Costs and Value of Your Purchase

At the base of any effective transaction, is an exchange of value. In businesses, we often consider it to be an exchange of products for a certain amount of money. However, we often fail to see the big picture, mostly because the lack of transparency in the business world. Let’s try to reveal some of […]

Meaningful and Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts that won’t hurt the planet! Last year a national survey discovered that an estimated $400 million was spent on 10 million unwanted gifts. That is the risk of making gift-giving a tradition, the dark side of large marketing budgets from big companies. Honestly answer this : how many gifts did you end up […]

Bali without Tourists

four artisan smiling and laughing

If the question is “Will Bali ever be the same?”, perhaps we should see the pandemic as a sign that Bali should not be the way it was before. Our creative artisan and craft producers from the village of Lodtunduh in Bali are among those who are impacted badly by the lack of visitors. Bringing them to the global stage is a clear solution for the villagers and for us, the people who care about Bali.